Just read an article on the benefits of Astaxanthin, an anti-oxidant. It’s purported to do everything from curing and preventing cancer to giving you more energy and making you feel good.

Wikipedia says it’s present at about 5ppm in salmon, which is 5 mg/kg so you’d have to eat over a pound of salmon per day to get what some people recommend (4mg per day).  But that’s for farmed salmon. In wild sockeye salmon, it can be 10 times as much as that, so you can get astaxanthin pretty easily.

It’s kind of surprising that Odwalla hasn’t added this to their drinks yet. All they have to do is add this one type of microalgae, Haematococcus, to their drinks, just like they add spirulina to their green superfood drink and voila – a new or improved product.

Also we don’t know a lot about the stereochemistry of astaxanthin. Most of the studies have only been done on one enantiomer, while natural astaxanthin comes in 3 main enantiomers.