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Obama is a stud for spending more money on science & research. We don’t really understand cancer, aging, the brain, etc., and if we can lure more smart people to study those things with federal money, then the pace of discovery increases. It’s not profitable for business to do it because it’s too long term and payoffs are unexpected and businesses don’t like the unexpected. So that’s why Obama is a friend of businesses – helping them in the ways that they can’t help themselves.

Also the fruits of any breakthrough might be shared by multiple businesses, none of whom could have born the discovery cost on their own. Who knew that when researchers discovered the photovoltaic effect, it would spawn the worldwide solar industry? Who knew that angiogenesis research would spawn billion dollar drugs like Avastin? The list goes on. Research is good. And we don’t do enough of it.

I’m usually decidedly to the right when it comes to economic stuff – an ardent believer in free markets, so that’s why this special exception is so necessary to flesh out, because this is one of those rare times when capitalism needs a little help.